"I know you can't read this but..."

Does your audience groan audibly when you bring up another slide? Maybe it's because they see 10 more bullets that you're going to cover one by one by one by one...

You may be suffering from a malady called "Death by PowerPoint."

And it can be fatal to your presentation.

Fortunately, i-Cue has a cure. We teach you to create visuals that will actually HELP your presentation - and ease the pain for your audience.

Presentation Slide

Here are a few of the cures we offer.

  • Think of visuals as wallpaper. (If you put everything on the slide, then you become unnecessary.)
  • Make every third slide a picture or a graph.
  • Employ the 6x6x6 rule for using text.
  • Use visuals to stimulate interactivity.
  • Insert video clips (it's easy).
  • Learn to use tools like Poll Everywhere.
  • Use highly contrasting colors (subtlety can backfire).
  • K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Simon.

Stop torturing your audiences. Effective visuals can engage, inform, and even entertain. Try it, and SEE for yourself.