To help you become a better presenter, i-Cue offers:

Top Ten Workshop

This two-hour group session (5-20 participants) focuses on the top ten keys to becoming a powerful presenter. It's designed as an introductory course and is taught in a non-threatening, interactive format.

Attendees learn to:

  • present with confidence and exude leadership
  • connect with your audience
  • communicate using principles of adult learning
  • overcome nervousness and avoid bad habits
  • exercise a variety of delivery styles
  • use gestures effectively
  • employ facial expressions and vocal variety
  • improve appearance and style
  • conduct an effective Q&A
Corporate Training
Personalized Coaching

Personalized Coaching

These 1:1 sessions help presenters practice and polish an upcoming presentation. In one or a series of sessions, we help you with:

  • refining your visuals
  • blocking your script
  • an engaging opening
  • key transitions
  • a powerful close

And most importantly, you stand up and present out loud.

Presentation Skills Boot Camp (5 -10 participants)

This is a cost-effective approach to making your entire team better in a short window of time. It's an intensive, three-day workshop that combines group dynamics with individual skill practice. Each participant prepares a five-minute presentation in advance, refines it during the Boot Camp, and presents it on the last day.

The Boot Camp Schedule includes:

  • The Top Ten Introductory Workshop.
  • Group sessions with the prepared presentations: participants revise content and visuals based on learnings from the Top Ten Workshop.
  • Personalized (1:1) sessions to practice and polish the presentations.
  • Presentation to the group on the last day.

Refresher Courses

We suggest that, once a year, you sign up for a refresher course. Try to time this course with an upcoming presentation.

You choose the skills you'd most like to work on. Also, we'll review your visuals, help you with a powerful open/close, and get you on your feet to practice out loud.

We offer refresher courses in both group and 1:1 formats.