Phone conferences keep falling apart? We’ve got the fix.

Think you’re saving tons of money by eliminating travel?

Think again!

Ineffective virtual meetings may be costing you millions - in lost productivity and in falling short of business goals.

But we can fix this – with the i-Cue Virtual Meeting Tool Kit.

This workshop teaches attendees how to conduct Virtual Meetings with skill and confidence.

Phone Conference
Shelley's Toolkit

In this 90-minute, interactive session, we present the top ten keys to effective virtual meetings.

1. Establish Ground Rules - for purpose, focus, and efficiency.
2. Organize for Outcome - you have to do the pre-work.
3. Lead Effectively - establish tone, chemistry, and expectations.
4. Participate Positively - let the leader lead.
5. Engage Participants - create a virtual roundtable.
6. Manage Time - make every minute count with the Time Timer.
7. Replace Visual Cues - how to deal with what you can’t see.
8. Design Effective Visuals - Keep It Simple, Simon.
9. Manage Technology - Use Poll Everywhere.
10. Follow-Up - Use it, or lose it.

Virtual meetings CAN save you millions. But only if you understand how to conduct them effectively, with the i-Cue Virtual Meeting Tool Kit.

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